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We're Ahmir & Basirah, Co-Host's, Lovers, Creatives, and all-around "Freaky" people (depending on who you're asking) who love just about everything having to do with sex.

Ahmir is a sex enthusiast with a desire to shift how people view the sex and pleasure they go after. Basirah is a Sex and Relationship coach with the desire to provide people with the tools and language needed to receive deep connection, strong intimacy, and better sex.

We believe that the more you talk about sex the better sex you'll have and we honestly feel that way about every aspect of life. Communication is vital to EVERY relationship you take part in so we decided to talk about it with you right here on this Podcast!


Welcome To Both Sides of the Bed!


We will be discussing, sex, intimacy, love, and relationships and how communication is key for a healthy relationship.

The premise of the show is to get both the masculine and feminine perspective of sex and relationships and all that it comes with. 


We are hoping to create a safe space where ALL can discuss what is going on, on their side of the bed.


Find us at

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Ahmir Rashad x Basirah Rahim

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